Planetarium in Olsztyn is a monument built in tribute to Nicholas Copernicus. The opening of the Planetarium took place on February 19, 1973, on the 500th anniversary of the birth of a great astronomer. The planetarium was designed by Ludomir Gosławski. A colorful composition consisting of 205 tiles on the eastern wall of the atrium and a portrait of Nicholas Copernicus hanging in the lobby was made by artist Stefan Knapp from London. In the lobby there is a wall painting by Zygmunt Droński depicting Horse Head, a dark dust cloud from the constellation Orion.


The main activity of the Planetarium is astronomical programs, films. Every year tens of thousands of viewers watch it. The sky-high stars and interesting astronomical phenomena presented at the time of the projection remain in the memory of the viewer for a long time. Elementary and middle school youth offers a screening program. For those who are more interested in astronomy, readings are provided by specialists from Polish scientific centers.




The subject of the lecture deals with selected issues related to astronomy, space science and the history of astronomy and related sciences. The Planetarium features a specialized library of several thousand volumes and several dozen magazine titles, mainly in the fields of astronomy, astronautics, and related disciplines.


At the turn of 2011/2012, the Planetarium was enriched with the new DigitalSky 2 digital projection system, enabling FullDome astronomical projection.